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Parent testimonial:

My 5-Year old son has been very blessed to have In Harmony Music Therapy in his life. He was born with a very rare chromosome deletion which has made life as a child much more challenging for him. Since starting music therapy, we have seen significant gains in visual tracking, increase in his hand opening, grasping for items, making choices with assistive technology, increase in balance and proprioception, targeting sensory needs and so many other significant factors that have helped him with his development. Music therapy is a non-evasive method of challenging and supporting children with a variety of different needs and we are so grateful to have it as part of our son's life!

Parent Testimonial:

This is literally my daughter's heaven each week! She sits and just watches the door saying, “Is Bridget here yet? Is she her Mommy?” My daughter has always loved music of all kinds, it is something that has always motivated her. She loves to dance, sing and play instruments. During therapy she plays a variety of instruments using both hands and even her feet. Bridget does all kinds of cool things that involve occupational, physical and speech therapies. My daughter is so motivated and it is cool to watch. She goes to a lot of therapy each week, and to experience something that is so effective that feels like play is awesome for her!

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